About JJ Churchill

JJ Churchill is a specialist aero-engineering company with over 80 years of experience, demonstrating expertise in new product development, volume manufacture and spares. We are known for excellent Tier 1 supply chain management, working with advanced materials, geometries and technologies.

We enlist the work of talented engineers to produce gas-turbine blades with superlative repeatability for the aerospace and power generation industries. Our headquarters, which are based in the UK, sits on 1.6 hectares with the workshops covering 5,000m2.

Our History

JJ Churchill was founded by Walter Churchill on Christmas Day in 1937. The company was based in Coventry and supplied machined parts, such as exhaust valves for radial aero-engines, to Armstrong-Siddeley.

After being blitzed-out of Coventry in 1941, JJ Churchill relocated to Market Bosworth. Following the loss of Walter Churchill during the Siege of Malta in 1942, the company was taken on by Walter’s wife, Joyce. Having worked closely with Sir Frank Whittle in the 1930s, the transition to gas-turbine work was a natural step, and in the mid-40s, compressor blades became a core product. From 2016 turbine blades have been the company’s principle focus.


Walter Churchill

Our Goals

We are striving for long-term, profitable growth, whilst prioritising the health, safety and well-being of our employees.

Applying best-practise to all our business and work activities, we aim to provide a stimulating work environment. To continue our success, we meet objectives that benefit our customers, employees and business.

For our customers, we:

  • Deliver quality product in-full and on-time;
  • Actively reduce cost-per-part throughout the supply chain and machining process;
  • Manage the supply-chain on our customers’ behalf and, where appropriate, become the first tier/integrator supplier.

To further develop our business, we:

  • Target new, and develop existing, business opportunities that are profitable and have sustainable growth potential;
  • Actively manage stocks, reduce borrowings and improve overall factory efficiency.

Our Values

Honesty and Trust

• Build trust and confidence through honesty;
• Take responsibility for one’s own performance;
• Demonstrate a consistent application of rules and procedures.


• Meet the customers’ requirements;
• Willingness to adopt, and develop on, new work;
• Be prepared to do what is necessary to complete a task.


• Be considerate of the company’s resources;
• Be aware of the impact of one’s actions;
• Treat all employees with respect regardless of sex, gender, religion, race and personal opinion.


Support all employees and customers by being understanding and compassionate.


• Ensure working conditions are safe;
• Utilise the work and skills of colleagues;
• Work together at all levels to achieve common goals.

Our Community

JJ Churchill is located in the small, historic market town of Market Bosworth. Famous for the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, the town centre is a conservation area, located on a cobbled market square that is surrounded by old buildings.

We are honoured to be an integral part of Market Bosworth’s community, supporting local causes from our early days and continuing to do so. As the success of our community is important to all in the business, JJ Churchill sponsors both charitable causes and activities that support the town.

Engagement and support:

  • The Poppy Appeal
  • Market Bosworth Festival
  • Bosworth in Bloom
  • Market Bosworth Christmas Festival