Our principal industries are power generation, defence, aerospace and med-tech.

Machining from difficult materials to demanding tolerances, challenges are compounded by short lead times when supplying the prototype or test-rig components.

  • A capital equipment re-investment policy that equips the shop floor with the latest machine tools
  • Complete in-house design and manufacture of all our fixturing, including 3D printing of CMM fixtures
  • Use of virtual prove-out CAM simulation software to reduce development lead times
  • Advanced process control to deliver responsive lead times, working closely with designers to achieve our intent
  • A highly skilled and motivated workforce, many of whom will have progressed through our own apprenticeship scheme


JJ Churchill are experts in the production of gas turbine blades from forgings, castings and solid billet.

We have been machining compressor blades since 1947 and have since added turbine blade and nozzle guide vane production. We use technology to drive prototype development and supply individual spares demand through kitted production volumes on a variety of programmes.

Examples include:

  • Trent 1000 and XWB production volumes
  • Legacy demand for the Tornado RB199
  • Developmental blades for the Ultrafan Trent 1000 variations and ADVANCE 3
  • Rolls-Royce Pearl engine programme

Walter Churchill, JJ Churchill’s founder, turned the business from a concept into reality after an apprenticeship with Armstrong Siddeley, a British engineering group that produced luxury vehicles and aircraft engines. Churchill also worked with Sir Frank Whittle, an aviation engineer and pilot who invented the jet engine.

We are currently actively engaged in the most technologically demanding projects, and we have succeeded in the aerospace market by adopting world-class multi-axis milling, grinding, non-conventional machining processes, metrology equipment and adaptive machining.


Covering a broad and diverse range of prismatic components and assemblies, JJ Churchill has supported major defence original equipment manufacturers as a Tier 1 supplier for the last 60 years.

A contributor to our success has been our ability to manage complex projects. Bringing together sub-suppliers to take a developmental product through to full production, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to meet highly demanding defence specifications, delivering to programme, on-time.

As a defence contractor, substantial experience has been gained from a variety of long-term programmes:

  • Air: Machined components and assemblies for aeroengines
  • Land Systems: Tank and APC assemblies
  • Sea: Torpedoes and propulsor assemblies

Power Generation

JJ Churchill specialise in machining tough nickel-based alloys, supplying industrial gas turbine blades, and complex prismatics.

In-house fixture design and manufacture has proven to be a unique differentiatior when meeting short lead-times, with JJ Churchill delivering consistent quality in these demanding materials.

Spanning the product life-cycle, from earliest prototypes to volume production, JJ Churchill works closely with major original equipment manufacturers to support development and drive process-improvement.

Examples include:

  • Fuel burners and swirlers
  • Stator and rotor blades for gas turbines


Here at JJ Churchill, our precision engineering skillset and rapid prototyping capabilities have allowed us to succeed in the Med-Tech market. Through our in-house manufacturing and design, our company can respond rapidly to medical device needs on a large scale.

We have progressed from first telephone enquiry to the manufacture of production parts in a matter of weeks, with first prototype parts machined in days. In contrast, a prototype to production process in the large volumes required would usually take in excess of 16 weeks.

Examples include:

  • The government’s ventilator challenge
  • Machining components for asymptomatic Covid-19 test equipment