Fight against COVID-19

JJ Churchill responds to the fight against COVID-19 using Engineering Excellence

Precision engineering firm JJ Churchill reduced the traditional response time by two thirds for parts required by Surface Technology International (STI) for asymptomatic COVID-19 testing equipment. Progressing from first telephone enquiry to the manufacture of production parts in a matter of weeks, with first prototype parts machined in days. A prototype to production process, in the large volumes required, would normally take in excess of 16 weeks.

JJ Churchill deployed its rapid prototyping capabilities with availability of a first development part within hours of receiving the drawings from STI, a specialist contract electronics manufacturer.

This enabled STI to draw on its own swift response times to put these testing machines into the hands of medics around the country as quickly as possible. The machined components are an integral part to the operation of the testing units. By enhancing the UK’s rapid test capability, both JJ Churchill and STI are working to limit the spread of COVID-19, protect UK jobs and avoid putting people onto furlough.