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  • Blade Assembly

    Blade Assembly

    Taking a new idea from the designer’s mind and rendering it as a full-functioning prototype requires the very latest technology (the first of its type in the UK), immense skill and speed.

    This section of a ring of gas turbine blades is for a power generation development project with blades of a geometry that have never been seen before.  A ‘can-do’ attitude towards tackling something that only a few months earlier would have been deemed impossible was matched with innovation in measurement techniques – in this instance, a winning combination for our customer.


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  • Flywheel


    Equipment used by our armed forces must function with absolute reliability in a wide variety of adverse environments...

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  • Burner


    This 20cm stainless steel component is one of a ring of the fuel burners in an industrial gas turbine...

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  • Manifold


    Cast from aluminium, both the casting and subsequent machining of this part are complicated by the addition of stainless steel bosses...

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  • Blade Root-forms

    Blade Root-forms

    Each of these two gas turbine blades is only about 8cm in length, and we are looking at the base or ‘root’ of the blades...

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