JJ Churchill Ltd

Founded by Walter Churchill on Christmas Day 1937, Churchill Components, as the company was originally known, was based in Coventry and supplied machined parts such as exhaust values for radial aero-engines to Armstrong-Siddeley.


After being blitzed out of Coventry in 1941, the company re-located to Market Bosworth and following the loss of Walter Churchill during the air defense the of Malta in 1942, the company was taken on by his young wife Joyce.  Having worked closely with Sir Frank Whittle in the 1930's, the transition to gas turbine work was a natural step and compressor blades became a core product from the mid-40's.

Today, the business is located on the same 32,000 sq. metre site and is firmly rooted in the local community, supporting the annual Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, The Bosworth Arts Festival, Bosworth In Bloom, the Christmas Fair and many other local school, sports and community projects (see Our Community).