We are:

A family-owned, precision engineering Company.


Our Mission is for:

Long-term, profitable growth for all 'stakeholders'.


We will achieve this through:



We will always put the health and safety of our employees first, applying best- practise to all business activities relating to health, safety and the environment.

Being a stimulating and rewarding place to work; returning above-average remuneration and conditions for above average performance.


Being the preferred supplier for our major customers, consistently delighting them by delivering quality product in-full and on-time.

Actively reducing cost-per-part throughout the supply-chain and machining processes, sharing the benefit with our customers and becoming more competitive.

Managing the supply-chain on behalf of our customers becoming, where appropriate, the ‘first tier’ or ‘integrator’ supplier.

Business Development: 

Developing existing and targeting new business opportunities identified as having profitable and sustainable growth potential.

Actively managing stocks, reducing borrowings and improving overall factory efficiency to improve the use of working capital.