Aerospace Markets

Experts in the production of gas turbine blades from forgings, castings and solid billet.

Machining compressor blades since 1947 with turbine blade production added, JJC uses technology to drive prototype development and supplies individual spares demand through to kitted production volumes on a wide variety of programmes.

Examples include: developmental blades for the Airbus A350 Trent engine and JSF through to Industrial RB211 production volumes and legacy demand for the Tornado RB199.

With a pedigree starting in the 1930’s with Walter Churchill’s work with Sir Frank Whittle on the first gas turbines, today JJ Churchill is actively engaged in the most technologically demanding projects with advanced process control to deliver responsive lead-times – often working closely with designers to achieve their intent.  JJ Churchill has succeeded in this market by adopting the ‘best-in-class’ multi-axis milling, grinding, metrology equipment and addaptive machining in combination with a highly-skilled and motivated workforce – many of whom will have come through our own apprenticeship scheme.